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let's make my bed a playgroud when you're lying next to me [Wed 12 Nov / 7:34am]
morning sweet sweet world

i dreamt that i was looking for kate winslet porn last night; then i dreamt that devin's friend's school was bombed and then i rode around with my brother and cousin? maybe my dad? are my silly dream remembrances annoying or endearing?

i had a high fever last night and almost had a panic attack, but instead i read my terry pratchett and thought my happy soothing thoughts and fell asleep at 10:30PM. i'm trying to do my astronomy notes now as well as keep myself quiet (devin is still asleep). today's things:

breakfast with jadda and devin
calculus with jadda and lauren and suzy
lunch with devin emily kelsey jadda
meeting with dr. depree so that i can take scientific computing without the prereq
meeting with dr. minot so i can change my research paper topic
radical education

if you live in the atlanta area and haven't visited me yet, uh oh for you.
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your mama doesn't like me, she thinks i'm a sorry man [Fri 24 Oct / 11:09am]
i can't help feeling a motherly sort of tender feeling for agnes during rainstorms. the trees and grassy patches and benches and buildings yearn for that rainy campus look. sometimes it feels like the entire campus is working to stay dry in spite of itself.

devin and i always debate about bringing an umbrella in the mornings to breakfast. the conversation today went something like:

p: dude, i had a terrifying dream last night! only it turns out it was just the thunderstorm waking me up. ..then i realized i was in the dorm room and i wasn't scared!!
d: hahaha, faggot.
p: whatever! wanna grab an umbrella?
d: uh no
p: i am!

that doesn't paint an accurate enough picture of our relationship; we're roomsoulmates.

i missed a lot of work this week recovering from my panicky moments. katie (my boss) greeted me today by announcing that, if i wanted it, she'd buy me yoga classes for christmas. i accepted, obv. now i have to maker her a really supery dupery great card. note: my coworker and bff taylor prescott also misses work frequently, so she will be offered yoga-y times as well. she'll accept!

i'm in the library "working" but the agnes spreadsheet application called Datatel isn't working. instead i'm staring affectionately out the window; i like seeming thoughtful.
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palin won? doubtfuckingful [Thu 2 Oct / 11:14pm]
in other news

beer beer beer for old agnes scott! you bring the whiskey i'll bring the scotch! send a sophomore out for gin and don't let a sober senior in. we never stumble, we never fall (much!). we sober up on a grain alcohol. when we yell, we YELL LIKE HELL for the glory of agnes scott.


rum and rum and rum and rum and rum and rum and coke, it isn't called a coke and rum, it's called a rum and coke. so put the captain in my glass and don't think its a joke. it isn't called a coke and rum, its called a rum and coke.
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its like i need an emotional outlet again [Sat 27 Sep / 10:24am]
[ mood | so there ]

livejournal, you're so dependable. i've been professionally jaded by your tidy applet over the course of my development. maybe we should get married.

you'd enter the relationship without any false pretenses, and you'd lovingly remind me that you did, in fact, want to stay with me forever. think of the possibilities! our babies would be the cutest things.

:( i hope someone still reads this! alina?!

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;) [Mon 1 Sep / 11:44am]
[ mood | okay ]


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